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Look in NEW Products for the HOLLEY HP and Dominator engine management systems

Holley HP V2 

Complete package, ecu, main power cable, custom wiring harness, NTK wide band O2 sensor, cable from ecu to laptop, software and NS maps installed.        $2,225

Holley Dominator V2

Complete package as described above, plus GM 4L60/65/70/80/55E transmission harness.   $3,144 

Holley Commander 950 ecu module NOTE: this ecu system is now out of date.

We will still build a new wiring harness for your vehicle if needed.

PRO software for your laptop computer  $120

Cable for PC to ECU     $70

Wide band O2 kit   ($595)  NEW LOWER PRICING!  Now $460

Narrow band O2 sensor    $85

Reprogramming of your current C950 ecu to PRO software    $150 

Air temperature sensor   $33

MAP sensor, 1Bar: $70           2 Bar: $70                    3 Bar: $190

Injectors, 24-120 lbs/hr   $322 to $422  for a set of 8








The tuning power of the Holley Commander 950 has just jumped to the next level, the HP and Dominator systems.  Please see New Products section.


Wiring harness and the Holley Commander 950

MVC-866S.JPG (38394 bytes)

MVC-868S.JPG (45685 bytes)

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