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 700 R4   Call for pricing   Includes rebuild, welding, torque converter, cooler, and core.  Each transmission is dyno tested before leaving our shop.  Transmission has a one year rebuilder's warranty.

Steel Flywheel   $375  New Lower Pricing! 

Clutch, 9-11/16" Dual Performance  $169

Pressure Plate, 9-11/16"   $175

T.O. Bearing, 3 positions   $54 


MVC-001S.JPG (48383 bytes)                  Flywheel

Everyone calling us wants to know how we are going to turn the Northstar engine and adapt it to the rear wheel drive application.

It's not that hard.  Start with the small 60 degree 700 R4 found in a S-10 pickup.  There is one bolt through boss on the lower right side that will have to be moved up 1 inch.

The 700 R4 automatic is a natural hot rod transmission.   It has a 3.07 first gear and a 0.7 fourth gear.  Depending on the size of the rear tire, you can run a low gear to have fun with your buddies in low gear and still get very respectable gas mileage in fourth.  Here is the formula:

MPH = rpm x tire diameter / gear ratio x 336       or

RPM = mph x gear ratio x 336 / tire diameter

Our transmissions are fully rebuilt to our standards to withstand high horse power engines by a respected shop. The stock transmission will not hold up to even the stock Northstar, unless you are only a cruiser.  Even casual blasts will damage the stock transmission. 

Our transmissions are designed to perform correctly without a computer or electrical input, keep it simple.  We also include a special torque converter to match your application.  These are of the latest design so they are very efficient.  You can specify any stall speed and the torque converter locks up automatically.  High stall for fun and the lockup feature to keep the fluid cool during long rides.

We also have bellhousings for the stick shift transmissions, look under NEW PRODUCTS. 

The stick shift application will require a special flywheel.  We can provide a steel flywheel that weighs 11 pounds.





Look in NEW PRODUCTS for the new cast bellhousing.

MVC-900S.JPG (33803 bytes)                  700 R4 Transmission

    DSC00037.JPG (15716 bytes)

This is a Camaro/Firebird stick shift bellhousing.  The lower right bolt boss has been moved to the proper location and a cover has been added for the factory starter.

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