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News from CHRF

The newest Engine Management ecus from Holley are up and running on all three Northstar generation engines. The forth gen engine, the VVT (variable valve timing) has everything we need on the board, but the engineers at Holley have other priorities right now. Of course these new ecus support the “other” engines; LS, SBC, BBC, Ford, and Chrysler.

The HP engine management system has the following features and capabilities;
• Ignition plug and play for GM 24X and 58X engines, GM HEI, Ford TFI, magnetic and Hall effect triggers, including the GEN I Northstar (’93-’99).
• 8 channel Distributorless Ignition (DIS) outputs capable of directly driving 8 “Smart” ignition coils or Holley DIS coils.
• Allows one or two, one wire or two wire knock sensors.
• 1-5 bar MAP sensor capability.
• Integrated single channel wide band oxygen sensor built-in. Works with optional Bosch or NTK sensors.
• Eight sequentially driven peak and hold injector drivers capable of driving up to 16 low or high impedance injectors including multiple staged injector sets.
• SELF TUNING capability built-in by setting the air-fuel ratio you want to achieve. This feature really works well.
• Internal data-logging with 2GB memory standard.
• Turbo boost control.
• 4 stage of progressive nitrous control
• Integrated water/methanol injection control.
• Individual cylinder spark and fuel control.
• Configurable for dual cooling fans, dual fuel pumps, AC inputs, basic torque converter lock-up, multiple timing retard inputs and rev limiters.
• User programmable caution and warning outputs for all sensors, water temp, fuel pressure, oil pressure, etc.
• Holley’s new gauges are configurable for all sensor outputs; Air/fuel ratio, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, voltage, etc.
Did I say this was all standard when you purchase the HP ecu. There are many more features of this ecu and can be found at [url=http://www.holleyefi.com]www.holleyefi.com[/url]. We build custom harnesses for all applications as standard practice at CHRF.

The DOMINATOR engine management system has the following features and capabilities of the HP ecu, including;
• TRANSMISSION CONTROL, 4L60/80E and T transmissions with more to come in the future.
• Dual channel wide band O2 controls.
• Integrated drive-by-wire throttle body control for one or two throttle bodies.
• Twelve sequentially driven 8:2 peak and hold injector drivers, capable of driving up to 24 low or high impedance injectors.
• Twelve channel DIS outputs
This ecu does everything all of us could think of. Find out the rest of the story by logging on to www.holleyefi.com.



We do custom CNC products.

Here's our newest product for the end of 2010, custom CNC water log.  This eliminates the water pump which interferes with your steering column and brake booster.  Both inlet and outlet will be on the passenger's side of the car.  This item will also need your choice of an electric water pump shown below.  $990



We finally received the item we needed to remove the water log from the back of the Northstar engine.  We have worked with Meziere to develop a remote mounted electric water pump with a thermostat built in.  This allows the engine to warm up properly and run the heater!!  We already manufacture a set of cnc plates that mount over the water inlet and outlet on the rear of the block.  Have your hose sizes coming off and back to the radiator ready when ordering.

List $819.94        Our Price $745 for black.                 Fittings $20 each, specify red, blue or black      

                                                                                        1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" hose and AN-10, -12, -16, -20, -24

Pumps also come Polished, blue, or red, anodized, with an up charge.

                        WITH TSTAT BACK 4 WEB.jpg (47565 bytes)WITH TSTAT FRONT 4 WEB.jpg (54148 bytes)



If you need a custom damper (harmonic balancer), we have 4 different ones available, manufactured by ATI especially for CHRF.  These pictures also show custom billet pulleys.  Call for pricing.







We just finished an adapter for a new cast bellhousing for stick shift transmissions.  You get a new bellhousing, machining of the bellhousing, adapter plate, flat head bolts and the trans adapter ring.  You need to measure the front shaft housing or register (4.68", 4.858", or 5.125") and give us that number for the correct ring.  Pricing is $575


As you can see, this adapter will rotate 17 degrees for the Chevy T-5 speed transmission.

Transmissions that can be used on this bellhousing/adapter:

  • Chevy T-5
  • Ford T-5
  • TKO 5 and 6 speed
  • Old Chevy (Muncie) transmissions

We also can provide a hydraulic throw-out bearing.




SORRY - I lost the header guy!  So we will continue to have available flanges, "J" bends, and collectors for your project. 

We have an engine mount for the GEN I Northstar ('93-'99) that bolts behind the oil filter adaptor.  This allows the air conditioner compressor to be mounted in the stock location (driver's side or left side of the engine).

We are currently manufacturing parts for the GM LS series engines.

  • 90 mm throttle body with the IAC and TPS sensors installed
  • Fuel rails manufactured by Aeromotive
  • Header flanges
  • Complete engine management systems (Holley HP and Dominator) and custom wiring harnesses
  • CNC machined aluminum Valve covers
  • Blower system is almost ready


You have asked for it, so here are the first pictures of our serpentine belt drives for the GEN I Northstar.  We have since changed the lower alternator bracket to a stainless steel rod with heim joints. This kit includes the following:

  • Alternator, chromed 140 amp output
  • Engine front cover plate, aluminum
  • Power steering pump, Sweet
  • CNC aluminum brackets
  • Stainless Steel nuts and bolts
  • Custom front pulleys for the alternator and p/s pump.
  • Custom idlers, 3 each
  • All pieces are polished or chromed


                              MVC-434E.JPG (11822 bytes)                            


The price for the complete set-up shown above is $2900

We also have a front plate that puts a Sanden 508 compressor on the right side of the engine.




                                                                 mvc-317s.jpg (37694 bytes)

The new billet aluminum engine mount for the Northstar.  They will come with SS bolts and the center CS mount.  You furnish the tube to chassis connection.  $260 or polished plus $35

Also shown to the rear of the engine mount is the cnc remote oil filter plate that fits to the side of the block.  $91 or polished plus $15


 We have many other products that just hasn't made it to the web site yet.   Stay tuned.



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